Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post-Election euphoria

It's probably dangerous to talk here about politics, and it's not really politics I want to talk about.  Yeah, there are lots of election results I feel good about, but that's not, or not wholly, the source of my euphoria.  I am of course delighted that the local education measure I have been immersed in passed--with flying colors.  Seems like folks are starting to agree that if we want decent schools, we'll have to fund them locally, because the state isn't managing very well (though not as badly as it looked like for a while Tuesday night.  What a scare!  I was ready to pack my bags so we could move to the Yukon and live off the land).

No, I'm euphoric because the elections are over!  No more campaign calls to make or receive!  No more trees slaughtered for mailings I dump in the recycle bin without even scanning.  Maybe soon something on the radio besides elections (right now it's still all post-election analysis, but this too shall pass).  I'll be out tomorrow collecting lawn signs from any supporters who haven't already gotten rid of them, so we don't have to look at that stuff.

Then we can all get back to what's important: reading and writing books.

And cooking good food, planning fun with friends and family, clearing months of clutter out of my house (anyone got a snow shovel I could borrow?), and maybe even getting a good night's sleep.

Here's to a return to real life!

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