Monday, March 5, 2012

Balancing Acts

Everyone knows it, even if you're only 12: life is a balancing act.  If I do x, I maybe can't do y.  If I'm being an adequate parent, I don't always have time to do other things I want. 

As a writer, it's way too easy to always tip the balance toward the everyday responsibilities: clean the house, fix the meals, pick up the kids (happily, mine seldom need that, being pretty independent with their bikes and bus passes).  Exercise comes in ahead of most of the rest, and I wouldn't change that any more than I would say I shouldn't take care of the kids.  But somewhere in there you have to draw a line and say "this time is my writing time."

I really stink at that.

Now, with the first book out and in need of babysitting (silly me, not to realize how much that would entail!), I have all the more excuses not to get to the rewarding, but still work-like, work of writing the next book.  At the same time, of course, I have all the more reason to get it done, since people are asking about it.

So I'm thinking about structure and schedules and how that matches my days, and the life I've generally been leading (with a minimum of structure and schedules.  My kids aren't "joiners", so I've been largely spared the "Mom as chauffeur to active kids" role).  But just as I do go to my work at the library on a given schedule, stay there, and work until quitting time, I need to become a writer on a schedule.

It feels a bit like an oxymoron, but there it is.

Now, if I only knew how to make it happen!

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