Thursday, February 23, 2012

Read any good books lately?

Along with just about everyone else, I just finished reading (listening to, actually), the Hunger Games trilogy.  What a great read, in a distopian-future-with-lots-of-death kind of way!  I listen to books when doing housework and working out, and these books were gripping enough to result in a clean house and a fit body, because I really didn't want to stop until I reached the end.

Although at times I felt that Katness's inability to understand what was going on (or to move out of herself and deal with it) was annoying, it was probably pretty realistic.  She's not an amazing heroine; she's a fairly ordinary teen girl who's abruptly thrust into something a lot bigger than she is.  I give the series 5 stars.

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  1. Hi...actually I just finished reading a great political thriller written by a woman. It's called The Cain Sanction by Mary McNally Ratto. It's available on as either an eBook or paperback. Couldn't put it down. Very thought provoking. Hoping there's a sequel. Highly recommend.


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