Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Dreaming

We've reached that point in the middle of winter. . . the point when I start looking at photos from summers past and dreaming about taking up my pack and hitting the trails.  It's great at this point--no solid plans, so I can fantasize about hiking whatever mountains I want.  Later, we'll get to reality and pick one or two main trips, find ourselves in this state or that one, and narrow it down.  For now, every article I read, every photo I see, generates a new plan.

The Sierra Nevada:

Weminuche Wilderness:

Maybe Glacier.  I have some unfinished business with Glacier N.P.  We spent our vacation there two years ago.  I spent the whole time getting, having, and recovering from pneumonia.  Spouse and companions saw bighorns, griz, and some incredible scenery.  I did get to have some close encounters with a mountain goat:

Or the Wind River Range.  Can't believe how long ago that was.  My boys were little then:

Then there are the Cascades, Sawtooths, and who knows where. 

But it's February.  So I'll keep looking at pictures. . . and go and tend my garden.

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