Monday, February 20, 2012

Filling the tank

I had to put gas in the car yesterday.  I know that for many of you, that's a pretty common event, but I hadn't done it for a month.  Imagine my shock when I realized that gas prices had gone up by 40 cents a gallon.  I guess there's a downside to everything.  On the plus side, we get 40 mpg and hardly drive anyway.  On the down side, I can sure get sticker shock when it's that long between fill-ups.  I'll take the trade-off.

Ironically, while we drive so little because we commute and largely run errands on our bikes, I filled the tank yesterday so I could drive somewhere. . . to ride my bike.  That was worth some contemplation while I ground my way up and over the coastal mountains (and back again) in compound low.  On the bike, that is.  Sometimes it's worth being a little inconsistent for the sake of enjoying life. (Yes, riding to the hairy edge of exhaustion is a way of enjoying life!)

Which brings us to chocolate.  How, you say?  Well, aside from the obvious connection to enjoying life, I generally try to eat a healthy diet and almost never touch candy.  But I am a sucker for high-quality dark chocolate.  Yeah, I know that there are some possible healthy compounds in chocolate.  But we all know that there's not enough to offset the negatives of sugar and fat.  Again, a little inconsistency is sometimes worth it.  I have a friend who eats essentially nothing sweetened, everything organic and vegan and healthy.  But she eats chocolate, because, well, there are limits.

So kick back and enjoy some chocolate.  And really good coffee.  That's another one that pushes me out of the "everything I eat should be healthy" mindset.

Chocolate, coffee, and a good book.  I'm ready for another evening.

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